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  • Popular Houseplants Safe for Cats

    Although many plant lovers collect them, there are multiple houseplants that are toxic to your pets. If your pet loves to chew things, you might want to avoid getting those plants for your home. On the other hand, plenty of… Read More

  • Should You Walk Your Cat?

    Walking a cat is one idea that many people find foreign, let alone a bit of an eyebrow-raiser. Pet owners care for their cats’ health, as they should, so this is not a surprising question to come across. After all,… Read More

  • Are Cats Nocturnal?

    People say many things about cats. For instance, one may say “cats have nine lives,” “cats hate water,” “cats can see in the dark,” and “cats are indifferent.” While some of these sayings are dependent on the cat in question,… Read More

  • Understanding Cat Body Language

    Cats are beloved household pets, each having a unique personality and lovable nature. Although many might believe these creatures are cold and cruel, all of them crave love and attention at some level at the end of the day. While… Read More

  • Why Do Cats Purr?

    There are many mysteries in the world, and one of them is why cats purr. People generally think that cats purr because they are content, but this is not always the case. Sometimes, a cat owner might receive seemingly mixed… Read More

  • Keeping Cats Safe on the Road

    Most people have the impression that cats need minimal maintenance. They are independent creatures, self-sufficient in their way of life. However, all cats need care and attention; without it, the consequences could be fatal. In particular, one should be careful… Read More

  • Fall Pet Care Tips

    Fall has come to Maryland, and with it comes colder temperatures, the new school year, and the changing of the leaves. Just as human beings prepare and adjust for the fall in different ways, such as with warmer clothing or… Read More

  • Why Do Cats Bring Dead Animals to Me?

    It’s the all-too-common horror story of many a cat owner. Indoor-outdoor cats often bring home a gift to their owners in the form of a small rodent, lizard, or bird. Sometimes it is dead, and sometimes it is still alive…. Read More

  • Signs Your Cat Needs Attention

    Cat owners may attest to their pet hogging their attention or being unruly, but there are instances when pets need more attention. Cats are independent creatures, but do crave the love of their owners, and some are far more social… Read More

  • How Much Maintenance Is a Cat?

    Cats are wonderful pets, a furry feline companion that can give you delightful company for years. They are complex creatures with fascinating lives and are the subject of many works of literature (T.S. Eliot’s poetry on cats, for example.) A… Read More

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