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Claire DelFavero, DVM

Claire DelFavero, one of Everhart Veterinary Medicine’s most-recent team members, is also one of its most well-rounded.

Originally a Maryland native who grew up in the lovely Annapolis area, Claire actually spent the majority of her younger years in North Carolina—but jumped at the chance to return home when her boyfriend accepted a position with Northrop Grumman. While away, she attained her undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree in Biology at East Carolina University, then completed her veterinary training at Ross University. But even before starting her years of education, Claire knew that her dual loves of science and animals would help shape her future.

“I knew from a very young age that it was my ‘calling’ to work with animals,” she recalls. “I lived across the street from a thoroughbred breeding farm, and even as a child I would help on that farm … It really was the start of all my inspiration.”

Claire’s early childhood inspirations also ran in the family, as her sister—who also assisted at the horse farm—went on in her own direction with a love of animal care and science. “My sister is a certified therapeutic horseback riding instructor in North Carolina at Horsepower Therapeutic Learning Center,” Claire adds. “In that position, she instructs children and adults with disabilities how to ride horses as a form of therapy … She works wonders and her work is the most satisfying work there is.” Claire is also quick to add that such a discipline, which both sisters share, has also aided in fostering her own goals as a veterinarian—forming long-term relationships with her clients and working to earn their trust, especially when it comes to the health and well-being of their beloved pets. In that, she even has four of her own!

“At home, I have four pets—and I love them all,” she says. “Swartzel, who is named after my roommate in veterinary school, is a sixty-pound reminder of how life should be lived! He is a Lab-Australian Cattle dog mix. Jase is a ball of anxiety and lives as though each day is groundhog day … Layla is my ‘Queen B,’” she adds playfully, “and Liam, a six-pound cat I brought back with me from St. Kitts—where Ross University is located—is actually a she, named after Mount Liamuiga, which is my favorite hike in St. Kitts.”