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Michelle Danna, DVM

Michelle Danna, one of our newest Associate Veterinarians, has been at Everhart Veterinary Medicine since September of 2018. Dr. Danna is originally from Fort Howard, Maryland and attended Sparrows Point High School, graduating in 1990 as the class valedictorian. While in elementary school, Dr. Danna realized she wanted to become a veterinarian after watching a dog give birth at her home. A veterinarian came to her family home for puppy tails and dewclaws, she was fascinated and ended up falling in love with the dream of being a vet. Dr. Danna began working as a Vet Tech when she was 15 years old, after assisting with a C-Section and bringing a litter of kittens to life, she knew this was her calling, to become a veterinary surgeon.

Dr. Michelle Danna completed all prerequisites for Veterinary School in two years at the Community College of Baltimore County, Essex Campus. For her junior year she studied at the University of Maryland at College Park. At 20 years old, Dr. Danna received early acceptance into Veterinary School. She celebrated her 21st birthday as a Freshman at Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech. Dr. Danna received her doctorate of veterinary medicine in 1997.

Dr. Danna specializes in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery. She is an integrative veterinarian, using both conventional medicine and holistic therapies, such as homotoxicology (homeopathy), veterinary orthopedic manipulation (Vom-Chiropractitioner), and use of essential oils and other complementary modalities to enhance the quality of life of her patients.

Dr. Michelle Danna was inducted into the Hall of Fame at Sparrows Point High School in January of 2007. She received the recognition of Baltimore’s Best of Reader’s Choice Poll in 2017.

Dr. Michelle Danna loves spending time with her fiance, Rick Coleman, and her two sons, Michael and Cole Christian. Rick enjoys camping, fishing, boating, hunting, motorcycling, and hiking, when not working for a corporation who specializes in large equipment rentals. Michael, Dr. Danna’s oldest son at 13 years old, likes to go camping, fishing, hunting, participating in water sports, and plays lacrosse for rec and club teams. Michael is interested in the medical field like his mother, but for humans, not veterinary. Cole, her youngest son at 9 years old, enjoys camping, water sports, lacrosse (specifically midfield), wants to be a “gamer”, and loves animals! Cole might be her vet in the making!

At Dr. Danna’s house, there a many pets! Gator, a mini Schnauzer, is 11 years old, an old soul, great with people, and loves to be on top of people at all times. Gator was named by Michael, when they lived in Florida and had an alligator in their back pond. Skittles, a diluted Green Cheek Conure, loves his huge parrot cage, his toy collection, and snuggling up in people’s hair and neck. Oscar, a rescue cat from BARCS, is a 3 year old male who had multiple bone fractures, a busted up mouth, and a hair-lip from being kicked by someone. Due to his many injuries, Dr. Danna was told no surgeon would take on Oscar’s case. Dr. Danna paid for his surgeries and has been looking for a forever home for him ever since…two years later he is still with Dr. Danna’s family, is a love bug, and wants to be next to people but not held. Rex, another rescue from a breeder, is a 1 year old male Devon Rex purebred. Rex and Oscar have bonded and Dr. Danna is looking for a “forever home” for both of them, together. The last animal in the house is Ace, Dr. Danna’s son’s “want-to-be” hunting dog, a 1 year old German Short-Haired Pointer. Ace is currently a pet and not a working dog, yet. Ace is still a baby, crazy, and busy.

Dr. Danna enjoys spending time with Rick and her two sons, watching them play sports, and spending time on their boat fishing, crabbing, and water skiing. Dr. Danna loves the challenging pets that are not improving with conventional therapies, especially geriatric patients who she helps to live a good quality of life by providing alternative options with biopuncture, VOM, and other complementary modalities.