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Marjorie Farris, DVM

Another of Everhart Veterinary Medicine’s esteemed veterinarians, Marjorie Farris joined the prestigious clinic in 2012.

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Marjorie initially left home to attain her undergraduate degree from the University of Iowa, before returning home and earning degree in Veterinary Studies from the University of Georgia. As she explains, “My brother, a Georgetown graduate, recommended the D.C. area to me for its having a combination of cold and warm with good outdoor activities in a city setting … I started in northern Virginia before meeting my husband and moving up to Maryland to be with him.”

Marjorie and her husband, Mike, have two children—four-year-old Alex and two-year-old Anna—and the passion for science and animals never ended. “Throughout my life, I never wanted to be anything else but a veterinarian,” she recalls. “I enjoy the challenge of diagnosing cases and the resilience and love that animals have for their families. I also try to focus on preventative care medicine to keep pets happy and healthy for as long as possible.”

Aside from her beautiful family, Marjorie is the proud “pet parent” of two cats—Baily and JB Miller. “Bailey is overly affectionate and sleeps on top of us nightly,” Marjorie jokes. “ JB is an especially vocal and aloof cat except when you have his favorite blanket—in which case he will lay sprawled across your lap demanding to be pet!”

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