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Jacqueline Falke, DVM

Jacqueline FalkeJacqueline Falke is one of Everhart Veterinary Medicine’s most knowledgeable and impassioned veterinarians. Originally from the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio, Jacqueline graduated from Allegheny College and, initially, used her fascination with science and medicine in a career within pharmaceutical sales. That experience allowed her to complete her doctorate in Veterinary Medicine at Michigan State University, and begin to pursue her true calling in caring for the health and well-being of animals.

“I volunteer for Northeastern Boxer Rescue, and sometimes go on volunteer research trips to help track and tag leatherback sea turtles in Trinidad,” she says proudly. “I also plan on participating in a penguin effort in South Africa — yes there are penguins that live in warmer climates! These efforts help to understanding penguins, their health and breeding patterns in order to save them in the future.”

But Jacqueline’s love of animals don’t just run towards the exotic. She is also the proud “pet parent” of numerous dogs, cats — and even chickens. “I live on a small farm and I love gardening and spending time outdoors,” she says. “Although I love traveling and seeking out new adventures, I also love to be home on the farm with my pets. One of dogs has even graced the cover of a Milkbone box!”

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