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Cat Vaccination

There is a fable that says a cat has nine lives. Although we wish this were true, this, unfortunately, is not the case. One of the best way a kitten or cat owner can ensure their cat lives a long and healthy life is to get them vaccinated. The cat vaccines that we offer at Everhart Veterinary Hospital are medically and scientifically proven to fight against various types of crippling and fatal feline diseases. Our team of veterinarians are committed to educating cat owners about the importance of cat vaccinations and are happy to schedule you an appointment today!

Why Should I Vaccinate My Cat?

As a cat owner, the overall well-being of your feline companion is your responsibility. The health and happiness of your pet are interrelated. Cat and kitten vaccinations are scientifically and medically proven to prevent several types of insidious diseases.

Why Put Your Trust In Us

At Everhart, you and your companion are always given individual and personal attention at every visit. When it comes to immunizations, it is imperative to understand that all patients are different and require individual attention. Our veterinarians will consider factors such lifestyle, age, and current health before recommending any vaccination for your cat.

What Cat Vaccines Are Recommended?

The American Association of Feline Practitioners has concluded that cats should receive the following vaccinations: Rabies, FeLV – Feline Leukemia, FIP – Feline infectious peritonitis, and FVRCP.

Feline Leukemia:

  • Produces immunosuppression which can lead to other diseases or infections such as severe pneumonia, severe GI disease, deadly fungal infections
  • Cats that survive the above may develop cancer
  • Transmitted by direct contact with infected cats or with contaminated food dishes or litter boxes, also can be born with the disease
  • AAFP recommends that all at risk kittens/cats be tested and/or have the leukemia vaccination

Feline Panleukopenia (aka feline distemper):

  • Highly contagious, often fatal
  • Transmitted by contact with infected cats, their feces, environmental contamination
  • Kittens most susceptible
  • Symptoms; fever, loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, abdominal pain
  • Can become chronic carriers

Feline Respiratory Disease (FVR & FCV):

  • Similar illnesses
  • Symptoms: nasal and ocular discharge, conjunctivitis, ulcers in mouth, loss of appetite, depression, inflammation of upper respiratory tract
  • Kittens most susceptible


  • FIP = begins as mild upper respiratory infection or diarrhea that can progress into widely distributed inflammation of tissues and organs, transmitted by contact with infected cats, once signs of FIP occur, then death loss approaches 100%.
  • There is a vaccine for FIP, but it is no longer recommended as in one small study some cats became positive after being vaccinated.
  • FIV = attacks the immune system, like HIV in humans, most cats remain normal until immunodeficiency occurs, then succumb to secondary infections. Spread by direct contact with infected cats’ bodily fluids (urine, blood, etc.)


  • Required by law for all cats, regardless of indoor vs outdoor.
  • We recommend the 1 year feline rabies vaccine that is much safer for our client’s pets, although the 3 year vaccine is still available upon client request.

When To Schedule Your Cat For Vaccinations

A newborn kitten should see a veterinarian as soon as soon as possible. It is crucial that your kitten gets on a preventive care plan (vaccinations, flea control, deworming, etc.) to get them on the right track for living a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Schedule Your Cat Wellness Exam Today

Everhart Veterinary Hospital is always accepting new patients. We will do our best to accommodate same day appointments if your animal has any urgent medical issues. This applies to everyone, and it does not matter if your companion is a new patient.

If you need urgent care, please call our hospital directly at 410-355-3131. We have urgent care available at both the Everhart Veterinary Hospital and the Everhart WellPet Center; however, major medical treatment or surgeries will are done at our hospital location.

We will do our best to accommodate your pet’s urgent medical issues. If you need urgent care, please call our hospital directly at 410-355-3131. You can reach the Everhart WellPet Center at 410-793-7670. We are committed to helping your pet in any way that we can. If we discover that your pet needs a higher level of care, we may transfer the patient to a more specialized hospital that offers 24-hour care.

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