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Dog Vaccination

  • For several decades, Everhart Veterinary Hospital has been educating dog owners on the importance of dog vaccinations. We love animals, and we know which vaccinations can help your dog live a long and healthy life!

    What Are Dog Vaccinations And Why Are They Necessary?

    Dog vaccines prepare a dog’s immune system against various disease-causing organisms. This is possible because vaccines contain antigens which are similar to disease-causing organisms, yet do not contain any actual disease. The purpose of the vaccinations is to stimulate the dog’s immune system through the antigens. If your pet is ever facing a real disease in the future, their immune system will be equipped and ready to put up a fight.

    What Are The Major Dog Vaccinations?

    Dog vaccinations are necessary because they will help to keep your dog disease-free. In addition to the state law that requires your dog to be vaccinated for rabies, there are also other vaccinations that will help ensure you companion lives a long and healthy life.

    The American Animal Hospital Association’s Canine Task Force has determined that hepatitis, rabies, canine parvovirus, and canine distemper to be the core dog vaccinations. Other optional vaccinations include lyme vaccine, leptospirosis, bordetella, and canine influenza. When you bring your dog in for an appointment, we will review which immunizations make the most sense for your dog.


    • # 1 most globally zoonotic disease
    • Mainly transmitted through urine of infected animal (#1 carrier = rats, #2 = raccoons)
    • Symptoms = fever, lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, acute liver/ kidney failure, increased thirst/urination

    Bordetella/Kennel Cough:

    • Most common thing a dog will see in their lifetime
    • Symptoms: goose honk or chronic cough, +/- fever, lethargy and nasal discharge
    • Vaccine will decrease symptoms not necessarily prevent infection
    • Multiple risk factors, multiple disease present at the same (i.e. CIV)
    • Zoonotic


    • #1 pet insurance claim as per VPI = very common in this area
    • Hard to diagnose be of symptoms, lethargy, lameness, fever, swelling, loss of appetite
    • If left untreated, can cause osteoarthritis, kidney failure, neurological meningitis, cardiac issues
    • Risk factors: living or spending time in places where deer ticks are prevalent. Wooded areas, camping hiking, parks.
    • A positive SNAP test is only indicative of exposure. Further blood work may be needed to indicate chronic disease state vs acute infection.


    • Enteritis (severe inflammation and sloughing of the intestinal wall) = greatest risk in puppies/young dogs and geriatric animals
    • Shed through feces – easily spread because high volume of feces in contaminated environment
    • Fatal due to dehydration and loss of appetite or concurrent infections


    • Affects liver, kidneys, spleen and lungs
    • Infected dogs usually develop fever and abnormal bleeding, loss of white blood cells, blue eye, chronic liver disease severe illness or death.
    • Shed in urine and can live outside the host for weeks and months


    • Widespread and exposure is considered inevitable because it is spread through air, contaminated environment
    • Easily transmitted and causes high mortality
    • Symptoms include diarrhea, fever, nasal and ocular discharge, respiratory disease, appetite loss and neurologic signs such a seizures/muscular spasm and paralysis.


    • Required by law for all dogs, regardless of age, indoor or outdoor status.


    • Can be transferred from an animal to a person.

    Why Put Your Trust In Us

    At Everhart, you and your companion are always given individual and personal attention at every visit. When it comes to immunizations, it is imperative to understand that all patients are different and needs individual attention. Our veterinarians will consider factors such lifestyle, age, and current health before recommending any vaccination for your dog.

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    Everhart Veterinary Hospital is always accepting new patients. We will do our best to accommodate same day appointments if your animal has any urgent medical issues. This applies to everyone, and it does not matter if your companion is a new patient.

    If you need urgent care, please call our hospital directly at 410-355-3131. We have urgent care available at both the Everhart Veterinary Hospital and the Everhart WellPet Center; however, major medical treatment or surgeries will are done at our hospital location.

    We will do our best to accommodate your pet’s urgent medical issues. If you need urgent care, please call our hospital directly at 410-355-3131. You can reach the Everhart WellPet Center at 410-793-7670. We are committed to helping your pet in any way that we can. If we discover that your pet needs a higher level of care, we may transfer the patient to a more specialized hospital that offers 24-hour care.

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