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Canine Physical Rehabilitation Center

Everhart Veterinary Hospital values the health and happiness of your pets. Our furry friends are more than just pets; they’re valued members of the family and deserve the best possible medical attention. When canines experience pain in their joints or muscles, it limits their mobility and drastically alters their quality of life. Physical therapy is the key to recovery for injured canines, restoring their youthful spirit and thirst for life.

Using advanced technology and innovative techniques, we established our Canine Physical Rehabilitation Center to help animals in need. The leader of the program, Dr. Stephanie Menefee, is a certified canine rehabilitation therapist, dedicated to quality care for all patients. Most notably, our canine rehabilitation services support four distinct categories of patients: post-surgical patients, overweight patients, arthritic patients, or neurologic patients. From laser therapy to underwater treadmills, our Canine Physical Rehabilitation Center pulls out all the stops towards a successful recovery for all pets.

Underwater Treadmill

Underwater treadmills are incredibly helpful tools for canine rehabilitation. This technique earns its success due to three key factors: water resistance, buoyancy, and temperature. Water resistance increases muscle activity, while the buoyancy eases any pressure on your pet’s joints. Healthy circulation is promoted with the warm water temperature, improving coordination during exercises. Underwater treadmills have been proven to reduce recovery time after surgery, helping your pet get back on its feet quicker!

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy effectively lessens pain and inflammation from even the most significant injuries. This innovative technique promotes healing in the affected area, bringing your pet’s daydreams about fetch closer to reality. It is a noninvasive procedure that uses light to enhance blood circulation and further the regeneration of vital cells. Laser therapy is most commonly used to treat sprains, strains, swelling, and arthritis.

Electrical Stimulation

There are many benefits to electrical stimulation treatment, including increased joint mobility and circulation. Electrical stimulation is a low-risk and safe procedure that lessens any pain and decreases edema. Physical therapy treatment has proven to be a practical solution for injured pets.

Therapeutic Ultrasound

During a therapeutic ultrasound treatment, our certified physical therapists will exert mechanical, thermal, and chemical effects on damaged tissues. The channeled elements promote healing for sustained injuries. This treatment is safe and has a proven track record of success; veterinarians have conducted therapeutic ultrasounds on a variety of pets since the 1970s.

Contact Everhart Veterinary Hospital today to learn more about our new Canine Physical Rehabilitation Center in Pasadena! We’ve supported the Baltimore and Pasadena communities for over 60 years, establishing our team as a trusted resource for all local pet support. Compassion is the driving force behind all of our services, and we’re committed to improving the lives of all pets. To learn more, explore our versatile services on our website or read about our history!

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