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About Us

Everhart is a premier provider of veterinary services in South Baltimore. Everhart Veterinary Medicine cares for your pets as if they were our own and care for you as if you were a part of our family. We have a compassionate staff and state-of-the-art facilities in which we can provide high-quality personalized veterinary services.

Our Mission

Everhart Veterinary Medicine provides high-quality, compassionate veterinary care to our clients and their pets while continuing to maintain a familial atmosphere for both our clients and staff.

Our Locations

Everhart Veterinary Hospital

Our hospital is open seven days a week. It provides a comprehensive set of integrated and specialized services while delivering personal attention to each pet and their unique circumstances. All major medical procedures are handled at our hospital location.

Everhart WellPet Center

Our new Everhart WellPet Center in Pasadena extends our ability to care for pets and provide accessible veterinary services. This facility is similar to a community health center, as it does everything except major surgery and any major medical care.

The Village of Cross Keys – Coming Soon

Why Do We Do What We Do?

Because we love animals.

Scheduling Your Pets Next Appointment

Everhart Veterinary Hospital is always accepting new patients. We will do our best to accommodate same day appointments if your animal has any urgent medical issues. This applies to everyone, and it does not matter if your companion is a new patient.

If you need urgent care, please call our hospital directly at 410-355-3131. We have urgent care available at both the Everhart Veterinary Hospital and the Everhart WellPet Center; however, major medical treatment or surgeries will are done at our hospital location.

We will do our best to accommodate your pet’s urgent medical issues. If you need urgent care, please call our hospital directly at 410-355-3131. You can reach the Everhart WellPet Center at 410-793-7670. We are committed to helping your pet in any way that we can. If we discover that your pet needs a higher level of care, we may transfer the patient to a more specialized hospital that offers 24-hour care.

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