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Doctors & Support Staff

Credentialed Techs & Management


  • Laura Gervasio, RVT
  • Janine Moses, RVT
  • Shelby Taylor, RVT
  • Anya Hammerman, RVT


  • Dr. Robert Z Goodman: Chief of Staff, Owner
  • Amy Brauns, RVT, CVPM: Hospital Administrator
  • Jessica Lawyer: Brooklyn Park Practice Manager
  • Mary Beth Miyagawa: WellPet Practice Manager
  • Kristy Ballwanz, RVT: Cross Keys Practice Manager
  • Dr. Taylor Hays: Chief Medical Officer
  • Lisa Mantakos: Chief Financial Officer
  • Niki Abendschoen: Director of Marketing & IT

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Expansive reception area with multiple seating options, complete in-house urgent lab, digital radiography, diagnostic ultrasonography, multiple surgical suites, full dental suite with radiography, and therapeutic laser treatments.

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