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Does Your Dog Need a Winter Coat?

Does Your Dog Need a Winter Coat?

Keep your canine companion warm this season with the right number of layers.

The winter season is here, and Maryland is finally expecting the first possibility of snow this season. Although Maryland winters are milder than northern ones and have lots of room for temperature fluctuations, they can also be surprisingly bitter cold. No matter where you are this winter, your pet dog may need some extra protection amid freezing temperatures. Does your dog need a winter coat? Find out here.

Types of Dogs That Need Winter Coats

Not all types of dogs need winter coats. Your pet may need a winter coat based on the following:

  • It is a short-haired breed or one with a coat groomed short
  • It is a breed that walks close to the ground
  • It naturally does not retain heat well 
  • It naturally does not have an insulating coat
  • It is a senior dog
  • It is a puppy

Be sure to look up your dog’s specific needs as a breed to gain even more insight into this question.

At What Temperature Does My Dog Need a Winter Coat?

Dogs typically do not need to wear an extra layer above 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Below that, however, your pet might start to shiver, especially if it is spending a prolonged time outside, such as on a walk or during play. You can generally tell if your dog is showing signs of discomfort due to the weather. You don’t have to wait until that signal, though; freezing temperatures for humans are likely freezing for dogs too.

What Type of Winter Coat to Purchase

Your pet’s winter coat should be snug but not too tight. It should still be able to move around as freely as without it. Keep in mind that not all coats are the same, with some being waterproof, of a certain style, or heavier, or lighter. The coat should cover the belly and neck, fitting comfortably from the neck to the base of the tail.

Don’t Let Them Wear It Indoors

Canines can overheat more easily than people, so it is best to take it off once you get indoors. If you need to get your dog used to wearing a coat, though, trying it on for several minutes at a time should be fine.

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