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Give Your Dog a Great Spring Season

Give Your Dog a Great Spring Season

Spring is arriving; give your dog the best season yet with these tips!

Although it is only March, spring has undoubtedly sprung as daffodils and other flowers and trees are starting to bloom. As the weather warms and the days grow longer, you and your dog are sure to want to get outside as soon as possible. However, a responsible pet owner will take care of some housekeeping and some precautions to give their dog and themselves the best spring season possible.

Wash the Dog Bed

As nature refreshes itself, many people freshen up their homes. Spring cleaning with a pet in the house can include washing out the dog bed. A clean bed free from the dander, germs, and dirt from the winter months can make your canine companion feel ready to tackle the new season and stay healthy.

Groom the Dog

As spring arrives, dogs tend to shed their winter coats. As they do, they will need plenty of brushing. If a pet owner starts the brushing routine when the pet is young, it will be more willing and happy to have its coat groomed. It can be a very soothing experience! Washing your dog also is a practice one should start early on. The spring season is a good time to pay extra attention to your dog’s coat and renew with a bath.

Medicine and Vaccinations

You will also want to be mindful of what medications or vaccinations your dog may need as it encounters mites, worms, and diseases outdoors. Worms, ticks, and parasites are common concerns. For more information on how to protect your furry friend against harmful agents in the wild, contact your trusted vet. If your dog is experiencing spring allergies, consult your vet for proper treatment.

Prepare the Gear

It never hurts to double-check your pet’s outdoor gear. Check that your dog’s leash and collar are not frayed or broken and that your pet has proper identification. Ready the portable water bowl, waste bags, snacks, and more so you will not be without what you need.

Take It Easy

Even with all the preparation, a pet owner should take it easy when first venturing outdoors. If you expect you and your pet to be in shape for a long hike or an intense game of frisbee after a sedentary winter, you may tire out yourself and your dog too quickly. Have fun, and enjoy the pleasant weather in stride.

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