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How Does Curbside Veterinary Service Work?

How Does Curbside Veterinary Service Work?

Everhart Vet offers curbside veterinary service so all can keep safe and healthy during this time.

Veterinary practices are considered essential for the sake of pets’ medical needs. While veterinary clinics are still open, vets are taking precautions to limit human contact as much as possible. Everhart Veterinary Hospital has joined other practices in offering its curbside veterinary service. During this time, keeping everyone’s health in check is all-important, and this includes how we interact with our pets.

Everhart’s Curbside Veterinary Service

Appointments for pets can continue as normal thanks to the curbside approach. Instead of pet owners coming into the clinic with their pets, they can park at the curb and let the vet bring the cat or dog in for them. Owners should have the veterinary hospital’s phone number on hand to call when they arrive. They can then call the vet and communicate remotely while he or she examines the pet. 

Can Pets Catch Coronavirus?

Curbside veterinary service certainly helps people avoid too much personal contact. One can avoid crowded sitting rooms and keep oneself and others safe. Perhaps, though, someone might worry that contamination can spread from human to pet. There is so far no evidence to suggest that COVID-19 can harm canines or felines. However, the virus may be able to sit on the pet for some time. Note, the novel coronavirus is not the same as canine coronavirus, which is an infection of the abdomen and is highly contagious among other canines. 

Keeping Your Pet and Others Safe

Limiting the transmission of germs from person to person involves how one cares for their pet as well. When walking the dog or letting the cat outdoors, it’s best that no one pets the animal. Keep your dog on the other side of you as you walk past strangers to maintain this. If you are sick, you should limit your interaction with your pet. Ask someone else to feed and walk the dog, and refrain from hugging and kissing your pet. If you have a question about your pet’s wellbeing, you can call or use Everhart Veterinary Hospital’s Airvet telemedicine app to connect with your primary vet. As for keeping up with routine veterinary care, a pet owner need not worry; Everhart’s curbside veterinary service can help keep your dog or cat healthy and everyone else safe too.  

Trust the Care of Your Pet to the Professionals at Everhart Veterinary Medicine!

At Everhart Veterinary Medicine, our veterinary professionals strive to provide your pet with the very best of veterinary care. We believe that the best care for your pet should be provided by experienced, compassionate, and knowledgeable veterinary professionals. With two Maryland locations in both Baltimore and Pasadena, we are always ready to welcome your pet as a new patient! Give us a call today at 410-355-3131 or 410-793-7670! For more information, as well as updates on veterinary news and topics, visit us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest!

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