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Pet Owners and Happiness

Pet Owners and Happiness

Owning a pet can boost happiness and health.

Love is a powerful thing, and it applies to more kinds of relationships than one. Owning a pet creates a bond in which animals and people can enjoy each other’s company for life. Owning a pet means loving a pet and having a pet love you. Below, one can see the correlation between pet owners and happiness. Here are just some of the benefits are to having a pet!

Happiness Increases

Numerous studies and surveys have reported higher levels of happiness in pet owners compared to non-pet owners. Even among participants during the lockdowns showed a higher rate of happiness. Moreover, people who reported being happy were more likely to consider getting a pet than someone who was unhappy. Pet ownership and happiness seem to go hand in hand.

Reduced Stress and Loneliness

Even if you don’t have a pet, you likely have experienced the joy of petting a cut cat or dog in the neighborhood or town. Pets naturally reduce stress and help combat loneliness with their faithful companionship. They can also make it easier to make social connections when on a walk or at the park.

Increased Stability

With a pet comes responsibility, and that responsibility typically turns into a stable routine. Pets and people alike thrive on routines; thus, pet ownership and happiness exist in a set lifestyle. Even small tasks like giving a bath, filling and cleaning the water bowl, and brushing teeth can help stabilize one’s life.

Better Physical Health

What’s more, owning a pet can improve one’s physical health in multiple ways. One can find studies on the subject revealing a reduction in cardiovascular disease risks, lower blood pressure, and lower risk of obesity. If you have a dog, you will naturally enjoy more time exercising on walks. If you have a pet of any kind, your reduced stress translates to better heart health.

Increased Longevity

All in all, pet ownership and happiness are closely related and result in a healthier mind and body for the owner. Some say that having a dog, cat, ferret, rabbit, or another exotic pet can lengthen one’s life! One’s presence can even improve cognitive functions in the elderly. If you have a pet or are looking to get one, Everhart Veterinary Medicine is happy to be your pet’s vet in Baltimore, MD!

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