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Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic imaging can be defined as the medical processes that capture images of the body. It provides a veterinarian with valuable information to make an accurate diagnosis. By having these images of internal organs, we don’t need to rely solely on physical evaluations when evaluating a pet’s physical condition. Diagnostic imaging helps us diagnose pets who have disease-causing illnesses. Everhart has on-site diagnostics including digital radiography, ultrasound and in-house lab.

Digital Radiography

This method is incredibly safe and allows our vets to capture high-quality diagnostic images. It is also significantly faster than older methods. Since they are in digital format, we can share these images with clients and with other locations.

Ultrasounds & Digital X-ray

Ultrasounds are a non-invasive method and one of the best ways to evaluate the internal organs of a pet. They allow our vets a three-dimensional view of a pet’s intestines, kidney’s, spleen, and bladder. Ultrasounds are sometimes critical to making an accurate diagnosis of a pet’s condition. At Everhart, we utilize Intrapet Imaging, which is the state of the art ultrasound service. When it comes to digital X-rays, we use Global Imaging, which is also the best around.

We have Smart DR and Global imaging at the Everhart WellPet Center and our hospital location.

Diagnostic Imaging is Just A Phone Call Away

Everhart Veterinary Hospital is always accepting new patients. We always guarantee a same day appointment if your animal have an urgent medical issues. This applies to everyone and it does not matter if your companion is a new patient. If you need urgent care, please call our hospital directly at 410-355-3131. If your pet does not require urgent care, you will still be able to see a veterinarian with 24 hours. Everhart is open 7 days a week for appointments. You can reach the Everhart WellPet Center at 410-793-7670. We are committed to helping your pet in any way that we can. If we discover that your pet needs a higher level of care, we may transfer the patient to a more specialized hospital that offers 24 hour care.