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4 Benefits of Regular Bathing for Your Dog

While many different beliefs surround how often you should bathe your dog, a warm bath is almost always an enjoyable treat for your pet. In addition to keeping your dog clean after playing outside and running around the yard, there are also many benefits of bathing for their health, their happiness, and even your health too! As you plan for your pets bathing needs this year, consider these benefits of regular bathing for your dog.

4 Benefits of Regular Bathing for Your Dog

As you plan for your pets bathing needs this year, consider these benefits of regular bathing for your dog.

Bathing Keeps Your Pet’s Coat Clean

A regular bath keeps your pet’s coat free of dirt, fungus, and odors throughout the year. During the winter especially, conditioning your pet’s coat can keep their skin comfortable and moisturized during the chilliest and driest months of the year. While the need for bathing may be less frequent this time of year, an occasional bath is an excellent way to ensure that your pet’s coat clean during the season.

Bathing Can Reduce Inflammation and Infection

Bathing is a great way to reduce inflamed and infected skin, as well as damaged fur. A professional bathing service, such as boarding and bathing services offered by Everhart, can help to improve your pet’s skin and fur so that they are healthy and comfortable throughout the year.

Bathing Your Pet Can Help to Improve Your Health

Keeping your pet’s coat healthy and clean is also a great way to maintain your health and the health of your family. By ensuring that your pet’s coat and skin stays healthy, you are reducing the allergens that would otherwise be released into the air of your home. Bathing your pet, either regularly or occasionally, can help to reduce the effects of pet dander over time.

Bathing Can be Enjoyable and Therapeutic for Your Pet

For pets who enjoy a bath, bathing can be a delightful activity. Much like our daily showers, a bath for your pet can help them relax and relieve tension. With a clean and healthy coat, your pet will be happy and comfortable as a part of your family!

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