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How to Recognize the Signs that Your Pet May be in Pain

How to Recognize the Signs that Your Pet May be in Pain
Much like humans, our pets may experience pain for a number of reasons.

Much like humans, our pets may experience pain for a number of reasons. From aging to depression, their behavior, as well as their physical activity levels, may change if something is not right. As your pet’s caretaker, it is crucial to be able to recognize signs of when your pet may be in pain, so that you can take the proper steps of helping them feel better with the best possible care. Consider these telling signs that will help you to recognize if your pet is in pain.

Significant Changes in Activity Levels

A significant change in your pet’s activity level could signify a problem. Some examples of this include, a dog who is typically excited for a morning walk but is suddenly unwilling to go outside, or a cat who is typically playful but suddenly becomes disinterested in their toys. This sudden shift from activity and excitement to a lack of interest or excessive sleeping is almost always a sign that your pet may be in pain.

Shifts in Behavior or Personality

If your otherwise outgoing and playful pet suddenly seems disinterested, reclusive, or scared, this may also indicate an issue with their health. Additionally, pets who are in pain may hide or begin sleeping in unusual places in an effort to get comfortable. If you begin to notice that your pet has become significantly less outgoing than usual, it is crucial to call your veterinarian right away.

Sudden Breaks in Routine

Almost every pet has a daily routine with their families, from morning walks to evening meals and playtime. However, if you notice that your pet has suddenly become disinterested or unable to uphold their usual routine, this may be a sign of a health issue. Pets who are sick or in pain may find it difficult to go outside or eat meals on their usual schedule, as discomfort may make them want to sleep later or eat less.

If you recognize any of these signs of pain from your pet, call the professionals at Everhart Veterinary Medicine!

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