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How to Entertain Indoor Cats

Cute little cat with green eyes lying down

Do you ever wonder what a cat’s body language means?

Indoor cats might like the fresh, warm breeze when you open the windows in spring and summer, but they cannot go outside like outdoor cats can unless you have a very controlled environment. Indoor cats tend to live longer lives than outdoor cats, but mental enrichment is crucial to their well being. Here are the top ways to entertain indoor cats.

Ways to Entertain Indoor Cats

Play with Them Regularly

Some cats prefer to hide out where they feel safe and prowl around independently, but others crave your love and attention. It is important to connect with your cat and to play with it regularly. Learn its favorite toys, games, and activities, and don’t forget to give it pets!

Provide Engaging Toys

Cats can have loads of fun playing games by themselves, too. Try out puzzle games that hide treats, toys they can pounce on or swat, etc. You could even make some toys yourself! With enough toys that they truly love, your feline friends will be occupied for hours.

Install Climbing Areas and Perches

Cats love to climb, leap, and perch. Give them areas where they can perch and look outside the window at the passing world. Give them a cat tree, a scratching post, or cat-friendly shelves or runways to allow them to roam to their hearts’ content.

Play Music or TV

Some cats might be entertained by music or TV made for cats. The music is meant to be soothing or engaging, with soft music and images of birds and other prey animals cats might like. Letting cat music or cat TV run can help make your cat happier.

Make Homemade Treats

Food is a big part of any animal’s life, and that might be an understatement. If you love to craft or cook, making some homemade cat treats can be a great way to show your cat some love and introduce something unexpected into its life. 

Two Pets Are Better Than One

Unless your cat cannot live with other pets, giving your cat a friend will enrich its life. It could be another cat or a dog. Just be sure that they can get along together before deciding on keeping the second pet for sure.

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