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Do All Dogs Know How to Swim?

golden retriever jumping into water

If you take your dog swimming, don’t assume it’ll know how right away. Read on to learn more!

You know about the “doggy paddle” type of swimming but do all dogs do it, or just some? Do all dogs know how to swim? In this blog post, we will discuss this question and what you need to know about dog swimming safety before you take the plunge with your pet this summer.  

Do All Dogs Know How to Swim?

Not all dogs know how to swim like a pro the moment they get their paws wet. Some dogs take to the water immediately, but others will avoid it at all costs. Some dogs are natural swimmers, but others could drown if they fall into the water. Which dogs are most likely to have problems swimming? They will have one or more of these characteristics:

  • Heavy
  • Short legs
  • Squished faces
  • Inactive
  • Dogs with health issues
  • Older dogs

Chihuahuas, pugs, Maltese, and similar breeds will not take to the water as avidly as some other breeds, like retrievers and Newfoundlands.

Tips for Taking Your Pet Swimming

Do not suppose that just because your pet is of a breed and age where swimming should be natural, your pet will take to the water like a fish if you throw it in a swimming pool. Take it slow when you introduce your pet for the first time, keeping in shallow water. Always supervise your pet when it is swimming, and give it a life jacket or physical support if you aren’t sure it can support itself without sinking. Some dogs will be naturals, while others will have to learn.

Teaching Your Pet How to Swim

Swimming is fantastic exercise for people and pet dogs! It can also be great fun for cats! As mentioned above, teaching your pet how to swim involves taking it slow, supervising your pet, and giving it support as needed. 

Where to Take Your Dog Swimming

There are many places you can take your dog swimming, especially in Maryland, where you can find plenty of dog-friendly beaches. A dog-friendly beach, lake, or pond are some of the options for dog swimming. If you have a swimming pool, there is nothing stopping you from letting your dog swim in there, too. In addition, you can look up dog parks that have water in which dogs can swim.

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