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Tips for Walking Your Dog in Summer

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It’s midsummer, and it’s hot! Here’s how to walk your dog safely.

Maryland is known for its summer heat, especially in July and August. How can you exercise your pet when it is so hot? These tips for walking your dog in summer will help you navigate the outdoors safely. Of course, if it is simply too hot to go outside, you can also play with your dog indoors. Let’s get into the tips for walking your dog in summer below.

Walk in the Cool of the Day

Walk in the coolest part of the day. If it is cool enough, the evening should work well, usually past 6 PM. However, the morning will more likely be cooler because the pavement will have a longer time to cool down after direct sunlight exposure.

Check the Pavement

If you aren’t sure if it is cool enough to walk your dog, you can check the pavement with the back of your hand. If it is hot to the touch, it is hot to your dog’s paws. You can judge by your touch whether or not it is safe for your pet. If the pavement is consistently hot, you could either walk your pet on the grass or use protective booties for dogs.

Keep Hydrated

Bring water for yourself and your dog, especially on longer walks. Overheating and dehydration are risks in summer, even when there is no heat advisory. You will be ready to supply water in case your dog needs to refresh itself.

Keep Walks Shorter

That being said, if your dog is not used to high temperatures, it is best to take a gradual approach and keep walks shorter. Perhaps once around the block or just up and down the street will do.

Mind Your Pet’s Health Concerns

If your pet has health concerns, do not push your pet’s limits. Flat-faced dogs, senior dogs, and dogs with other health issues will not be able to handle the summer heat as easily as some others. If your dog has bald spots, use sunscreen to protect its skin.

Observe Your Pet for Health Issues

Even if your dog is the fittest, always observe it should any health issue arise. Watch out for signs of overheating and discomfort. If your dog overheats, take it into the shade, make water available to it, and press cold, wet towels on its neck and back.

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