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Tips to Walk Your Dog in the Rain

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Don’t let the rain hinder your walks; here’s how to get the most out of walking your dog in the rain.

It can be tempting to do without walking your dog that day in rainy weather. It does not hurt to stay indoors for the day, but regular walks are still an important part of a pet’s routine. Whether rain or shine, summer or winter, physical exercise and mental stimulation outdoors is fundamental. These tips can help you walk your dog in the rain with ease.

Exceptions to the Rule

Walking your dog every day is healthy, but there are exceptions. If there is a raging thunderstorm outside, you will probably want to wait out the storm and avoid a lightning strike. If your dog is resisting going outdoors during a storm, you can also just stay indoors. You also might forego the walk if you feel your pet will have a harder time walking through large puddles.

Wear Bright Clothes

When it is raining, outdoor visibility decreases. There is a higher risk of slips and car accidents. Wear bright clothes such as a neon rain jacket or hat to help passersby see you and your pet. When you wear high-visibility clothing, you are keeping yourself and your pet safer.

Rain Gear for Your Pet

You don’t have to be the only one to wear bright colors and stay dry. You can also avoid having a wet dog by purchasing a well-fitting raincoat and even rain boots for your dog. If it is cold as well as rainy, it can help keep your pet warm, too. Rain boots can keep your dog’s paws dry and clean.

Reroute When Needed

It is okay to reroute your usual walking path or shorten the walk when it is raining. Keep away from particularly muddy areas and stay on or near the pavement as much as possible. Changing from your normal course can also add interest to the walk.

Avoid Letting Your Dog Drink Rainwater

Some dogs might like drinking rainwater from puddles. In many cases it is harmless, but there is a slight chance of your dog ingesting bacteria that could result in sickness. It is best to train your dog not to drink from puddles, especially stagnant ones.

With these tips to walk your dog in the rain, you can enjoy the weather and the walk in stride!

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