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How to Prepare Your Kids for Dog Ownership

Shot of an adorable young family with two child and cute Golden Retriever posing in backyard of their house.

Looking to get a family dog? Prepare your kids for pet ownership!

It is rare to find a child or parent not excited about getting a pet dog. However, this prospect also can come with some concern to the parents; are the kids responsible enough to handle having a pet dog? How will everyone care for the dog? Whether you have a child who wants a dog or are thinking of bringing one into the family yourself, this guide is for you. Here are a few practical tips on how to prepare your kids for dog ownership.

Teach Kids Responsibility

Before you bring a pet into the household, there are two criteria your children must meet in order to have a happy, healthy pet. One is responsibility. It is best if your children who are old enough are disciplined enough to take care of a pet, such as walking, feeding, etc., for the pet’s entire life.

Teach Kids the Love of Animals

If your kids already love animals, then you can check this box. You might even have a child who really wants a pet dog. Kindness toward others and toward animals is critical to keeping your future pet from mistreatment.

Teach How to Interact with a Dog


Kids will not necessarily know how to interact with a dog properly. For instance, you might need to teach your children not to pull on the dog’s tail, ears, or fur, not put their faces in its muzzle, not tackle the dog, etc. Teach them why not to do these things as well.


It also helps to teach your children simple dog commands, such as “sit,” “heel,” “come,” “stay,” etc. If everyone old enough in the family can help keep command over the dog, then your family is readier for responsible dog ownership.


Teach your children about what is involved in taking care of a pet. They should be fully aware of how much care is involved before getting a pet. It can also help to designate who is responsible for what chore. If your child wants to research dog care, help him in any way possible.

Dog Sit with Your Kids

One of the best ways to prepare your kids for dog ownership is hands-on experience. Offer friends, neighbors, and family to dog sit for them. You might even be able to dog sit regularly for one dog. Supervise your kids while they interact with the dog and ready yourselves to adopt one of your own.

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