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Tips for Walking a Dog in Winter

little white dog in snow

Walking a dog in cold weather is fun! Be prepared with these tips!

Some winters are harsher than others. In Maryland, winters can be freezing, even without snow. Even so, we do sometimes get our share of winter storms. For the dog owner, winter weather means making a few adjustments to the dog walking routine. These tips for walking a dog in winter will keep your pet safe and healthy.

Top Safety Tips for Walking a Dog in Winter

Invest in Winter Wear If Needed

If you are freezing, your dog could be freezing, depending on its breed, age, health condition, and size. If your dog is whining, licking its paws, and shivering, you know it is too cold for your pet to be outdoors as is. Invest in a fitted winter coat and booties if your dog is okay with wearing them.

Protect Paws

Even if your dog is one built for cold weather like a husky, malamute, or samoyed, the paws are what will have the most contact with the great outdoors. In the winter, dogs’ paws can come into contact with deicers, ice, and snow. The effects include:

  • Rock salt drying out paw pads
  • Hairy paws picking up ice, dirt, and chemicals

The solution?

  • Protect paw pads with a dog-friendly moisturizer, paw pad waxer, or boots
  • Shave and trim hairy paws to prevent them from trapping contaminants
  • Wipe paws after coming home

Keep on the Sidewalk

Some dogs absolutely love the snow and will happily lie down in a snowstorm. However, to keep less-snow-friendly dogs from more exposure to the cold, keep them on the sidewalk and out of the snow. Extended exposure to freezing temperatures to the underside can risk hypothermia for certain dogs.

Don’t Let Your Dog Eat Anything Wild

Do you have a dog that loves to eat and drink everything? Train your pet to leave snow, ice, pavements, and grass alone, as they could contain toxic deicing chemicals. 

Limit Time Outside

When you do take a walk with your dog this winter, keep walks shorter for dogs that are not built for snowy conditions. To compensate for the shorter time outdoors, you could also spend more time playing indoors. That way, your pet will get its full exercise every day.

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