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Tips for Exercising Your Dog in Winter

Tips for Exercising Your Dog in Winter

Too cold outside? You can find fun ways to exercise your dog this winter!

The winter can have you wrapped up in your coziest chair with a hot water bottle, ready to stay stationary for the rest of the season. However, your active pet dog won’t share the same sentiment. Whether your pet is easy-going or hyper, or if you love or hate the cold, exercise is paramount for the both of you as a way to stay healthy. Thankfully, there are several ways to compromise while still keeping your dog in shape. 

Set Aside Playtime

Everyone needs time to play now and then; if you can’t go outdoors, schedule playtime with your dog into your daily routine. Playing fetch, hide and seek, and tug-of-war are several activities to keep your dog active throughout the winter, and having a specific time set aside will make life easier for both of you.

Make an Obstacle Course

If you love inventing or building, creating an indoor obstacle course for your dog can be one of the top events of the season. Building an obstacle course is an opportunity to teach your dog new tricks and make it dog show-ready. If the weather is mild, you could also purchase a backyard obstacle course set online.

Work Your Dog’s Mind

Dogs don’t just need physical exercise; mental stimulation is also vital for overall health. Different kinds of puzzles can occupy your dog for hours as it tries to get the food within them. If your dog is very intelligent, you may need to work harder to find the most challenging puzzles around!

Sign Up for a Class

Life can be hectic, and for those with a busy schedule, it may seem impossible for you to find time to entertain your dog for a good, long exercise. Thankfully, Maryland has plenty of dog classes available that offer exercise training both on the ground and in the water. Signing your dog up for a class could also be a great way for it to socialize.

Work the Treadmill

Training your dog to use a treadmill will require caution and patience. Make sure your dog fully understands how it works and has a few practice rounds before letting it go on its own. Never set the pace too fast and always supervise.

Go Outside

While Marylanders may suffer biting cold winters from time to time, the weather is often milder than other regions. Getting some fresh air is always healthy. Weather permitting, don’t hesitate to take your dog on its usual walks, protected from the elements if necessary.

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