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Is Your Dog Eating Too Fast?

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Is your pet eating too fast? Slow your dog down with these different tactics.

Have you noticed that when you feed your pet dog, its breakfast or dinner is gone within what seems like seconds? It is not uncommon to see dogs eating so fast, and the truth is that it is not healthy for them. If your dog is eating too fast, it could result in choking and significant digestive problems. Often, pets throw up their food after eating it way too fast. Don’t let this habit turn into an ailment or emergency! Read on to learn what to do.

Why Is Your Dog Eating Too Fast?

Your dog could be eating too fast for different reasons, including the following:

  • Competitive habit
  • Dissatisfaction with the dog food, making it want to consume more food to gain satisfaction
  • Diabetes, worms, hyperthyroidism, or another health problem

How to Stop Your Dog from Eating Too Fast

Check with Your Vet

The first step is to have your local veterinarian check over your pet to see if it has any health issues that could be causing this rapid eating. If your dog is in good health, then it’s time to talk about diet.

Experiment with Food Brands

Your vet may be able to help you evaluate your dog’s diet and suggest improvements. Try out different dog food brands and aim for high-quality canine meals. We recommend diets from main manufacturers that are trusted in the profession with lots of research behind their foods.  For more information, the site Petfoodology has a lot of great resources from veterinary nutritionists about dog diets.  

Portion Out the Meals

If your pet is already content and thriving with its diet, you could focus on portioning out its meal into smaller segments. For example, serve half the portion of its morning meal in its food bowl and the other half in a dog puzzle toy to slow it down.

Use Puzzle Toys and Slow Down Feeding Bowls

Lastly, you could use a combination of slow down feeding bowls and puzzle toys to slow down its food intake. With a little more work to get its food, it won’t be able to inhale it all at once and get some mental exercise in the meantime.

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