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Tips for Buying Safe Dog Toys

Tips for Buying Safe Dog Toys

Does your dog have a favorite toy? Here are tips for purchasing safe dog toys for your pet!

Dog toys are essential for your pet’s wellbeing, providing exercise, mental stimulation, meaningful activities, and comfort. Without well-designed, engaging dog toys, your pet could end up playing with items that are off-limits! The right toys will provide your pet with hours of enjoyment and keep it safe from potential choking hazards. What are some tips for choosing safe dog toys for your pet? Check out the advice below!

Safety First

The first step to ensure your dog’s safety is to dog-proof your home. Make sure to keep items like hair-ties, snack clips, electrical wires, pantyhose, and other such items out of your dog’s way to keep it from accidentally choking. Keep chemicals and medications safely out of reach and protect lower cabinets with child safety locks if needed. If you have children, have them put toys with small pieces back after use.

How to Choose Safe Dog Toys

The dog toys you choose will depend on your dog’s age, size, activity level, and preferences. Your dog’s breed can give some guidance on what toys might suit it best as well. One should look for toys that do not have easy-to-swallow parts like loose string or bits that can chip off, like rawhide chew toys. Also avoid toys with dangerous fillings like nutshells and polystyrene beads. All in all, of the categories below, one should choose toys that are large enough to prevent an accident.

Categories of Dog Toys

Active Dog Toys

These items are toys that encourage physical exercise. Ropes, tug toys, and tennis balls are just a few. With much activity comes more wear, so be sure to toss these items when they get too worn out.

Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys include any product that mentally stimulates your dog. Common examples include Kong toys, slider puzzles, and treat dispensing puzzles. This is a great way to keep your pet occupied for hours! Just be sure to avoid using any treats with the toxic ingredient xylitol.

Comfort Toys

Some toys are for playing with, and some toys are just for comfort. Some dogs also enjoy toys that give the comfort of a companion, such as a stuffed dog toy. Remember to monitor for loose stuffing if your pet has an instinct for “killing” their stuffed toys.

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