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Dog-Friendly Summer Activities

Dog-Friendly Summer Activities

Need a new dog-friendly summer activity idea? Here are several ways to enjoy summer with your pet.

Summer is upon us in Maryland, and that means getting outdoors for some fun or cooling off inside. For pet owners, this is a great time to make some lasting memories with your pet. This summer, be sure to try out some of these dog-friendly summer activities.

Go on a Hike

Dog-friendly summer activities often involve some form of physical activity. Getting out in nature and going on a hike with your dog is an excellent and easy way to enjoy the summer together. Maryland has numerous dog-friendly hiking trails, including the Baltimore-Annapolis Trail Park, Patuxent Branch Trail, and the Patapsco Valley State Park. Be sure to bring plenty of water and snacks, a water bowl, and a trusty leash.

Go Camping

Camping is also an excellent activity to enjoy with a dog. The Baltimore and Washington, D.C. areas have dog-friendly camping sites nearby. Make sure your pet is prepared with proper training, first aid, extra water and treats, identification, and other supplies. 

Go for a Swim

Some dogs love to swim and run on the shore. Swimming can be as low-key or as adventurous as you’d like; one can simply go to the backyard pool, visit a dog-friendly beach along the Bay, or take a trip to the ocean. Some parks will have spots where canines can swim as well.

Enjoy a Picnic

If you and your pet are looking to spend some time outdoors without necessarily getting a cardio workout, a picnic could be a good option. A picnic is an activity for the whole family or with friends, and doing it on a pleasant day makes it all the more enjoyable for all. A picnic outing calls for dog toys like a frisbee, ball, or stick.

Throw a Dog Party

Dogs are social animals that thrive when they can interact with their own kind. If you have friends that have dogs, call them over for a summer dog party! When greeting multiple dogs into your home, it is best to have an enclosed yard in which they can run around. As always, provide plenty of water and make sure the weather is not too hot.

Make Some Treats

Sometimes, dog-friendly summer activities don’t have to be outgoing at all. It could be as simple as making your dog some healthy, homemade summer treats. Frozen treats, granola, or doggy smores are all options.

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