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Giving Your Dog Enough Attention

Giving Your Dog Enough Attention

Is your pet dog getting enough attention? Here are signs it’s asking for more.

A dog is an individual, a being that adds a world of joy to its household. With a pet dog comes much responsibility, and part of this responsibility is to give your dog enough attention. How do you know you are giving your dog enough attention, what are the signs it needs more, and what does it mean to give it attention? 

Understanding Your Dog

Every dog breed and every dog is different. Some breeds require more attention than others; for example, a German Shepherd is more independent than a Labrador Retriever. Moreover, pets have different personalities, some being more sociable than others. 

You can learn your dog’s needs by understanding its breed and personality, as well as understanding the signals it gives you. Dogs are always communicating, whether through whole body language or vocally. Below are several examples of how your dog might signal it needs more attention.

Signs of Loneliness

Loneliness can manifest in what one might call naughty behavior. Your pet might be chewing on things it shouldn’t, tearing things up it shouldn’t, or making a mess. One should not attribute this bad behavior as a sign of malice, in particular; rather, it could show that your dog has unspent energy mentally and physically. If it isn’t making a mess, you might see your pet spending time in other people’s yards and not wanting to leave.

Signs of Separation Anxiety

A dog that doesn’t get as much attention as it needs might begin to develop separation anxiety, which one can remediate at home or with a trainer. Separation anxiety might manifest by your dog shadowing you and whimpering whenever you look like you’re about to leave the house.

Signs of Seeking Attention

Other signals are not so distressing. Your dog might invite you to play by lowering itself with outstretched front paws and wagging tail high in the air. Other ways it might ask for your attention include:

  • Nudging you
  • Pawing you
  • Barking to you
  • Staring at you
  • Climbing on you
  • Looking at you, and then a different object
  • And more 

Giving Your Dog Enough Attention

One must remember that attention does not always mean affection. It could be to play, to tell you something, to feel safe, etc. For more answers on giving your dog enough attention, ask Everhart Veterinary Medicine!

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