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A Cat Summer Cut: Is It Necessary?

A Cat Summer Cut: Is It Necessary?

Should you give your cat a summer haircut? Here’s what to know.

When summer comes around, so does the heat and humidity typical for Maryland’s subtropical climate. Keeping cool is a priority for humans and pets alike, and many cat owners ask their veterinarian every year how they can keep their cat cool. Is a cat summer cut necessary? Below is the answer to that and some more information on cat grooming in general.

Reasons for a Cat Summer Cut

Does your cat need a summer haircut? The answer is generally “no.” Cats’ fur naturally helps to regulate their body temperature, keeping them warm in winter and cool in summer. A cat is typically well-off without the summer cut. However, some reasons that a cat summer cut might be favorable include:

The downsides of shaving your cat’s fur are, aside from the potential lack of self-cooling, greater exposure to insect bites and UV rays, which can lead to skin cancer. However, given the right situation, the right haircut, and the go-ahead from your vet, a summer shave can be beneficial for cooling down and better hygiene.

Types of Cat Haircuts

There are many types of cat haircuts, but one can categorize them into the following list:

  • The comb cut: A simple, all-around trim that cuts the fur down to one to one-half inch long. This length helps regulate shedding and hairballs and maintains cooling and the ability to check on your cat’s skin.
  • The sanitary cut: This practical cut is merely for avoiding waste stains on the fur after using the litter box, applicable to overweight or long-haired cats.
  • The belly shave: Long-haired cats can easily get mats and debris in their underbelly fur, especially outdoor cats. Even if you let your long-haired cat outside periodically, the belly shave can be helpful for avoiding tangles and stuck leaves.
  • The lion cut: The dino, the teddy, and the panther cut are all variations of the popular lion cut. This style is especially for fashion purposes, but also serves to help cool your cat in hot weather.

Cat Grooming Tips

Cats can generally groom themselves, but brushing twice a week and routine washing are necessary as well. One should regularly inspect your cat for health issues such as patchy fur, insect bites, rashes, weight loss or gain, mats, etc. For more information on how to care for your cat, contact Everhart Veterinary Medicine! 

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