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How to Make a Rabbit Happy

How to Make a Rabbit Happy

Want to make your pet rabbit happy? Try out these tried and true ways.

Rabbits are one of the best small pets to own, a great household companion and relatively low-maintenance mammal. If you have or are planning to get a pet rabbit, you naturally want to know how to make it healthy and happy. If your rabbit is happy, you’ll know by its leaping, zooming, purring, and lying down contentedly. Below are several key ways to make a rabbit happy.

A Comfortable Home

First, there’s no place like home. Rabbits need lots of room, and their cage should be 3 or 4 times as deep as it is long, and perhaps twice as wide. Add a rabbit pen to the entrance, and you’ll give it even more room. 

Room to Run

Rabbits are built to run, and without the ability to run around, they become depressed. If you have a rabbit-proofed house, allow your rabbit to roam outside its enclosure. This free range will give your rabbit a chance to explore as well. 

Spayed or Neutered

Spaying or neutering your rabbit is an important aspect of improving its health. Aggression, spraying, and moodiness disappear after their treatment. They won’t have behavioral problems as likely, and the females will eliminate the chance of reproductive cancers developing.

A Healthy Diet

A healthy diet with plenty of variety will also make your rabbit happy, ensuring it is at the peak of health. A variety of leafy greens, a very small amount of pellets, and much grass-based hay are the baseline foods to feed it. Overall, about 80% of its diet will be grass-based hay.

Plenty of Toys

Rabbits, like other pets, need activities to keep them occupied every day. Rabbits need plenty of appropriate toys, such as willow sticks for chewing, puzzle toys, obstacle courses, digging boxes, and much more. You can switch out toys routinely so they have a new interest.

Respect for Boundaries

Some might think that bunnies are naturally cuddly animals, but most of the time, rabbits feel insecure when held. It is best to respect your rabbit’s boundaries and let it do what makes it feel most comfortable. Even if you want to play with it and it hops away, come back later, or when your pet approaches you.

A Sociable Life

That being said, a sociable life is what makes a rabbit happy the most. Rabbits would live in groups in the wild, so spending lots of time with yours or getting a second one as well will significantly increase its happiness. 

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