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How to Keep a Cat Hydrated

How to Keep a Cat Hydrated

Keep your cat drinking enough water with these helpful strategies!

Domesticated cats descended from a desert species that naturally survived on very little water. Nevertheless, keeping your cat hydrated is an essential part of its health, helping avoid significant health issues. If your cat is not drinking as much as you might like, there are some clever and fun ways to get your cat to drink more.

Add Moisture to Cat Food

In the wild, your cat’s ancestors might have got sufficient moisture from their meat for the day. Adding a little water to your cat’s food could be a natural way of getting your cat to accept more liquid. Also, consider what kind of food your cat eats. Dry food might have only 6% moisture content, so one should especially add moisture to food in that case.

Consider Water Quality

Testing the water quality is another way to improve your cat’s water intake. Ensure you are refreshing the water every day and washing the bowl with soap and hot water. Perhaps your cat prefers water at a certain temperature, such as cooler vs. warmer. All in all, fresh water is the most appealing.

Try a Water Fountain

Some cats might prefer a water fountain, which continually aerates the water and keeps it from stagnating. One can purchase one of several models commercially; all one has to do is to keep it clean and change the filter regularly. Add a few ice cubes for your cat’s entertainment, and you have a fresh, healthy water station.

Offer Meat Broth

Another way to keep your cat hydrated is to offer them something that will both hydrate and nourish. Meat broth made specifically for cats is available commercially, some already in a liquid state and some that require rehydrating. Meat broth is delicious and nutritious to your cat! 

Reward Canned Meat Juice

A special treat you can give your cat is meat juice from the can. Say you are using canned tuna stored in water (not oil). Pour the tuna water into a bowl, and call your cat over if it isn’t there already! Tuna can be addicting, so tuna juice is a perfect, hydrating treat.

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