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Cat Care While On Vacation

Cat Care While On Vacation

Going on vacation? Make sure your cat is safe, happy, and healthy!

Leaving your cat home alone while on vacation can be one of the most daunting experiences of a cat owner. Some cats might feel distressed or disgruntled when their owners go on vacation, but in your case, your time away can be smooth sailing for both you and your cat. Below is an overview of how to approach cat care while on vacation.

Food & Water

Food and water are the two essential features to manage while you are gone. One option is to have someone fill the food and water bowls twice a day. On the other hand, it’s important to provide your pet with fresh water all day long. Concerned pet owners can purchase at least one water dispenser and food dispenser so their cat still has access to fresh water and timely food servings.


Consider what areas you want your cat to have access to while keeping the house secure. If you have a fenced backyard, you could keep the back door unlocked. Indoors, you can keep certain rooms like the bathroom off-limits while holding other doors open with a heavy object.

Fire Hazards

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Protect your cat and your electric cords with cord covers, or unplug unnecessary items like your laptop, printer, etc., and store their cords away. Some cat owners will also unscrew and store away all lightbulbs in the house just in case their pet accidentally knocks a lighting fixture over.


Pets can feel bored without their owners around. Provide all their toys and try setting up a bed or cat tree by a window. Most cats love watching the people and critters go by at the window. You can also try playing videos that cats love, such as fish swimming or birds chirping, on a loop. It’s best to test out all the entertainment options before leaving your cat alone with them.


Removing fire hazards and controlling access for your cat are physical ways to keep it safe, but you can also make it feel safe with a couple of measures. First, you can keep certain lights on to make your cat feel at home and deter burglars. Also, try putting a talk radio station on at a low level while you are gone; this can help your cat feel like it is not entirely alone. 

Cat-Sitting Options

Some might feel it is safer to have a cat-sitter monitor cat care while on vacation. A cat-sitter could be your neighbor, your closeby friend or family member, or a paid professional. Of course, one must ensure that the cat-sitter is trustworthy and responsible.

Before You Go

Want to prepare your cat well before you go? Keep the suitcase in the open, where your cat can interact with it. With the suitcase around, your cat won’t necessarily associate it with you leaving. You can also take a pair of socks with your cat’s scent on it and wear it on your return. This way, your cat will instantly think of you as family.

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