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Signs Your Cat Needs Attention

Signs Your Cat Needs Attention

If your cat needs attention, it may pull off some of these moves.

Cat owners may attest to their pet hogging their attention or being unruly, but there are instances when pets need more attention. Cats are independent creatures, but do crave the love of their owners, and some are far more social than others. If your cat needs attention, it will likely show its wants in the following ways.

Meowing, Or Not Meowing

Some cats, especially the oriental breeds, are very vocal and use that as a main mode of communication. Other cats may meow more frequently and loudly when they want attention as well. On the other hand, a sudden change in behavior, like suddenly ceasing to vocalize or vice versa, could signal that your cat is in pain.

Lying Down on Your Work

It can be difficult to judge the motives of cats, and lying down on top of your hands while you’re typing on your laptop is often seen as an act of domination. It clearly wants you to stop paying attention to work, and focus on its adorable self. Your feline should know its boundaries, but it could also be a sign that your cat needs attention.

Pawing or Nudging

Another form of attention-seeking is through physical touch. A cat may reach out with its paw or nudge you with its head. The wish for affection can manifest itself in a myriad of other ways, like sneakily snuggling up or simply lying belly-up. The limit for giving attention here is if you have just petted your cat for a long time.

Waiting Outside Your Door

Working from home, you likely have learned to focus in a different way than when working at the office. Your cat may be outside your work zone. However, if you find your cat waiting outside your door or scratching and meowing outside of it, it may be best to compromise.

Destructive Behavior

Cats are not inherently destructive creatures, as cat owners know. Even so, you may discover your residential feline knocking over items, scratching furniture, or going to off-limits areas, like the kitchen counter. It is possible that your cat needs attention. 


If you discover your cat is calling out in these ways, several reasons could underlie them. First, your cat could need medical attention, if accompanied by other changes in behavior. Take it to the vet as soon as possible. Second, your cat could be lonely or stressed. Schedule time to interact with your cat, hire a pet-sitter, or bring in a companion cat.  

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