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Cool Summer Treats for Cats

cat lying outside with green sunny background

Relieve your cat from the summer heat with these yummy summer treats!

It is always nice when your pets can enjoy a treat outside of the usual diet, something delicious and nutritious! In the summer, you can pamper your pets with various cool and refreshing treats. In a previous post, we covered safe summer treats for dogs. This time, you can discover some of the coolest summer treats for cats that your pet is sure to love!

Frozen Yogurt for Cats

Frozen yogurt for cats would be a mixture of plain yogurt or plain Greek yogurt and a flavoring of choice. Be sure that the yogurt does not contain extra sugar. Next, blend the yogurt with one or more of your cat’s favorite foods or treats, such as bananas, fish, or chicken. Place the mixture into an ice cube tray, freeze, and serve.

Popsicles for Cats

Blend some tuna, salmon, and chicken and add some chicken broth or water and stir. Pour the mixture into popsicle molds or an ice cube tray, freeze, and serve. If you use popsicle sticks, they must be cat-friendly. Silvervine sticks for cats are one substitute for wooden popsicle sticks. 

Frozen Peas

Frozen, de-shelled green peas are a healthy snack for your cat on a hot summer’s day. Let the peas sit outside of the freezer for a bit before serving, so that they are not too hard. Frozen peas from the store are good enough; do not use canned peas. Do not make peas more than 10% of your cat’s diet, as they are carnivores.

Frozen Broth

Is there a particular type of broth flavor your cat loves, such as chicken, bone, or beef? What about tuna juice? You can turn any of these items, provided they have limited salt and fat, into a frozen cube your cat can lick and chomp on this summer.

Frozen Meat

You can also get to the meat of it and serve your cat its favorite dish or meat blend frozen. You could use tuna and salmon, chicken and tuna, turkey and liver, beef and pork, etc. 

Cool Melon Slices

Beware of serving your cats any citrus fruits, but it is all green flags where melons are concerned. A few slices of your cats’ favorite melon should suffice to keep them cool and hydrated.


Be sure to check that your cat is not allergic to any of the produce mentioned above. Also, keep an eye on your cat should you ever need to help it deal with brain freeze, etc. Give your cat a cool place to rest outdoors and indoors and fresh, clean water all day. Should you have any questions, Everhart Veterinary Medicine is here to help!

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