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Safe Food for Dogs This Summer


fresh organic berries

Treat your dog this summer with any of these refreshing treats!

Summer is just around the corner, and that means that the weather is getting to be its hottest point in the year. If you are looking for some ways to cool off, your dog probably is too! While you cool off with a refreshing drink or snack, your dog can join in with a special treat of its own. We’ll cover some of the food to avoid, as well as the tastiest safe food for dogs this summer.

Beware of What NOT to Feed Your Dog

Some foods and chemicals that are perfectly safe for people are completely off-limits to dogs. Everyday foods, like grapes or chocolate, can be lethal to your pet. For a full list of items to avoid, check out this article.  

Safe Food for Dogs This Summer to Cool Down

Chilled Banana Smoothie

Dogs are primarily carnivores, but they can get some nutritional benefits from other safe foods too. Bananas are one fruit that dogs can eat. In the summer, your dog can cool down with a chilled banana puree. You can keep it plain or add other dog-safe ingredients.

Mixed Berries

Whether they are fresh out of the fridge or crunchy and sweet from the freezer, mixed berries are a great addition to your dog’s diet and a cool treat on a hot summer’s day. You could also add it to a dog-safe fruit salad!


Watermelons are 92% water! If your dog is thirsty and wants to cool off, cool, seedless watermelon cubes will do the trick! 


Dogs can eat apples to their heart’s content! You can pair apple slices with a variety of ingredients, such as xylitol-free peanut butter or almond butter, if your pet’s stomach takes it well. (Before feeding your pet with a lot of new foods, test out a small bit to see how your dog likes it.)

Yogurt Treats

Dogs do not digest lactose that well, but they can ingest unsweetened yogurt well because of the lower lactose levels. You can make all kinds of yogurt dog treats, frozen or not frozen, as a summer snack.

Cold, Cooked Meat

Of course, dogs love meat. You can stick with delicious basics like cooked, unsalted and unseasoned chicken, beef, lamb, etc. Serve refrigerated.

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