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Fun Water Activities for Dogs (That Love Water)

golden retriever jumping into water

What water fun can your dog have this summer? Quite a lot!

Summertime means spending time outdoors; if you have a furry friend, you have someone to share that outdoor time with. Not all dogs are huge water lovers, but many do. Whether you are in your yard or at the beach, there are plenty of fun water activities for dogs to consider for your water-loving pet.

Playing in the Backyard

Your dog can have a fun water day in the backyard, even if you do not have a swimming pool. A running garden hose could be all you need to excite your pup and have a good run around the yard on a hot day. Lawn sprinklers, commercial water sprinkler toys for dogs, and water guns also make for great doggy summertime fun.

Playing in the Pool

What if you do have a pool? Well, your pool could be any size, from a blow-up kiddy pool to a wading pool to a traditional swimming pool. Whatever sized pool you have, it will be large enough for your dog to sit in and cool off.

If your pool is large enough, you can play fetch, swim, jump into the deep end over and over, or just chill. There are pool floats for dogs so that even your pets can lounge beside you when you are both ready to relax in the sun.

A Note on Safety

For the most part, dogs are natural swimmers. However, if your pet is very young, very old, or inexperienced at swimming, it is safest to test out the waters with a doggy life jacket and careful supervision.

Playing in the River or Bay

In Maryland, there is no shortage of dog-friendly beaches along the Chesapeake Bay and its rivers, and it will be hard to run out of water activities for dogs in this environment. If your dog is trustworthy to come when called, you can enjoy a leash-free run on the beach. Other fun water activities for dogs in Maryland include:

  • Swimming
  • Playing fetch or catch
  • Paddleboarding
  • Surfing
  • Boating

Be careful to avoid particularly polluted bodies of water and to bathe your pet when you get home. Brackish water is salty!

Playing in the Ocean

You can enjoy much of the same activities with your dog at the ocean as you would at the Bay, although surfing might be easier. If your dog has light-colored fur, remember to look into dog-friendly sunscreen to keep its skin from burns.

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