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Why Do Dogs Need Leashes?

Why Do Dogs Need Leashes?

Why exactly do dogs need leashes? It turns out, they do help!

As fair weather becomes more common in Maryland again, you will likely have more motivation to get out for longer walks with your dog. Walking a dog usually involves a leash; in fact, it is practically assumed you will use a leash. If you have ever stopped to wonder exactly why dogs need leashes, you have come to the right place. Here’s why dogs need leashes.

Your Dog’s Lifeline

Our pets do not always know the bounds of safety. If something catches their attention, they may unknowingly enter into a hazardous situation. That situation could be anything from private property to a busy street to a confrontation with an unfriendly dog. A leash keeps your pet from danger that you see before it might.

Other Dogs’ Safety

Some dogs may have a mysterious aggression toward other dogs. If your pet happens to take a seemingly random dislike to particular dogs it sees around the block, you will want to have your pet on a leash for the sake of the others’ safety as well as your own. Even so, it is possible to help ameliorate this aggression toward other dogs through research and training.

Relief to Wildlife

If your dog loves chasing other animals, such as birds and squirrels, a leash will prevent your pet from hounding the local wildlife or even catching them. Preserving our habitat includes maintaining the peace for local critters that live in our neighborhoods.

Shows Who’s Leader

A dog without a leash can be a startling sight at first. A dog on a leash with a walker shows who is the head of the pack and that the dog is safe. It is a sign to everyone who passes and even to the dog itself that it does have an owner.

Obedience & Reward

Dogs need leashes as a part of their training to be obedient to their owner. It helps train a dog to heel, not jump, and stay by creating a physical but non-harmful restraint. It also creates an experience for the dog, stimulating joy at the sight of a leash. The walking adventure begins!

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