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Animal Care and Control Appreciation Week 2022

Animal Care and Control Appreciation Week 2022

This week is Animal Care and Control Appreciation Week!

Every second week of April is National Animal Care and Control Appreciation Week, a time to be thankful for and recognize the great work that Animal Care and Control personnel perform every day. All animals deserve great care and a great home, and that’s what Animal Care and Control aims to achieve. Below is more about this holiday week and all about what to appreciate about this service.

What Is Animal Care and Control Appreciation Week?

Animal Care and Control Appreciation Week is a time to learn about and thank Animal Control personnel for their great service and make sure each one’s own pets are safe from similar fates of animals in need. Animal Care and Control can sometimes be put in a negative light, but they indeed do help rescue many animals from life-threatening conditions and save people from dangerous, uncared for animals as well. 

One can celebrate Animal Care and Control Appreciation Week by thanking your local Animal Care and Control officers with an encouraging word or gesture and acknowledging the holiday on social media. Be sure that your pet has identification such as a collar or microchip so they have a better chance of being found if ever lost.

Thankful for Animal Care and Control

Animal Care and Control play a large part in securing the health and wellness of animals and society. One job they do is to rescue pets from abuse and neglect. If animals are in the custody of a hoarder, an abuser, or anyone who cannot properly care for the pet anymore, Animal Control can come by and rescue or pick up the pets so they receive the full care they deserve. If it is a case of animal cruelty, the job can be dangerous.

Animal Control also takes in calls about lost pets and dangerous pets. Lost pets need to be in a medical arena where one can check for a microchip to locate the owners and receive medical care. If the dog is rabid or keeps biting people, Animal Control can safely remove the animal for treatment and training.

One can also thank Animal Care and Control for returning stray wildlife back to their habitats. If a raccoon is in your chimney or foxes are threatening your pets, Animal Control is to the rescue.

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