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Tips for Taking Your Dog Camping

morning jog with dog in sunny field

Camping is a fantastic activity for both people and dogs. How can you prepare your pet for the adventure?

Many pet owners are happy to take their pet dog with them on vacation, particularly if it is an outdoorsy kind of trip, like camping. If you have never taken your dog camping before, you do not want to be haphazard about it. Prepare thoroughly and properly by following these tips for taking your dog camping this year.

Do a Trial Run

If you are not confident about going into the great blue yonder with your dog just yet, you can do a trial run by going hiking locally. You could visit a camping ground or natural reserve for the day and just have fun, practicing the following habits. Once you feel ready, you can prepare for an even bigger trip.

Check the Campground Rules

Before you go to any campsite, check the rules regarding pets online. It is better to have all that you need, such as a trusty leash and having a well-behaved dog, before you have to be told to leave. If your dog is aggressive and barks excessively, such as late at night, you might not be able to stay.

Visit the Vet

It doesn’t hurt to get a checkup at the vet before you go. Do not take your dog camping unless it is well enough to do so. Be sure that your pet is up to date on its vaccinations; talk with your vet about putting your pet on flea and tick medication as well. Fleas and ticks are more likely to latch onto dogs; inspect your pet after the trip just in case.

Other vet visit checklist items include grooming and identifying (microchipping.)

Pack Well

There are several categories of items to pack for your pet’s camping trip:

  • Vet records and medical info
  • A clear, printed photo of your pet
  • ID dog collar
  • First aid kit for dogs
  • Dog waste bags
  • Dog food, treats, and food and water bowls
  • Medication, if applicable
  • Leash and stake or tether
  • Outdoor-safe dog toys (frisbee, ball, etc.)

Stay Attentive

Never leave your dog unattended. When sleeping, have your dog sleep in the tent with you. It’s best for the tent to be as large as possible for you to accommodate both of yourselves in there. You can also make your dog more a part of the action by planning dog-friendly camping activities, like hiking, swimming, playing games, etc.

Have Fun

Although it does involve more packing for you, taking your dog camping can be great fun when you prepare. Once you do all that is necessary, relax and have a great time!

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