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How to Bond with Your Puppy

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Looking to have a strong bond with your new puppy? Follow these tips!

Congratulations! You have a brand new family member! A puppy is a wonderful addition to any household. Like any pet owner, you naturally want to know how to form a good relationship with your pet. Read on for these tips on how to bond with your puppy.

How to Bond with Your Puppy

Train & Teach Tricks

All puppies need training. They need to learn that you are in charge and need to listen to you. They need to learn to sit, stay, come, and heel. Your pet dog can also learn fun tricks like waiting before eating a treat, spinning, shaking hands, and much more. Training is already a relationship-forming activity.

Fulfill Its Care Needs

The same goes for caring for your pet in general. You will bond with your puppy by grooming, feeding, and exercising it. Fulfilling its basic needs for sustenance, cleaning, and exercise allows you to love it and it to be loved.

Have a Routine

A routine is important for the success of anyone, people and pets alike. It creates stability in one’s life and household. The routine will vary slightly per dog, but in general, it will involve letting the dog outside, going for a walk, and feeding it twice a day at minimum. Additional routine items include brushing teeth, brushing fur, and playing.

Give It a Job

Pets can get very bored if they do not have a purpose. You can fulfill their need for activity by giving it a job, such as retrieving your mail, guarding your family, ringing a bell when it wants to go outside, etc. Puzzle toys are also mentally stimulating.

Enjoy Time Together

Last but not least, enjoy your time together. Some pets would love to watch a show on the couch with you. Others still would love to go on outings or exercise with you. It can help to have a pet that would enjoy your lifestyle. Even so, having a puppy is a joy and can encourage you to lead a more active, playful life. 


The way to bond with your puppy is to meet its needs and make it a part of your life, whether it is going through the daily routine or going on an adventure. 

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