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The Daily Life of a Healthy Dog

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What are some basics of healthy dog care? Here’s what your dog’s day might look like.

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, ages and personalities. No matter what breed, age, or kind of pet dog you have, there are several guiding principles you can keep to ensure a healthy, long life for it. What is the daily life of a healthy dog? Let’s look at what it might look like for your pet. Keep in mind that each animal and pet owner is different, and the picture could vary.


Pets prefer predictability in their lives. A daily routine creates a stable atmosphere and peace for your dog. Your lifestyle and schedule do not have to be one formula, but they should be consistent so your pet can know what to expect. Whether you work the night shift or stay at home, setting a routine is the best for yourself and your pet.

Meal Times

Meal times are usually twice a day, about twelve hours apart, with room for snacks during the day. You might reserve some of your pet’s morning portion for snacks later on. However, your dog’s overall mealtime schedule will depend on its dietary needs; if your pet has low blood sugar, it might need more frequent meals. 

It is best to set the first meal in the morning and the second meal early enough in the evening so it can relieve itself before bedtime. Leave enough time after each meal for you to be present to let your pet defecate outdoors.

Exercise & Bonding Time

Some larger breeds might suffer from bloating if they take a walk too soon after a meal, so it is best to take a walk whenever is best for your pet and your schedule. Pets need both physical and mental exercise; without these two, your dog will become bored and possibly display behavioral problems. Aside from walking, teaching your dog tricks and playing is a great way to exercise and bond. Puzzle games fill in alone time.


Dogs typically sleep about 12 hours total every day, although puppies and senior dogs might sleep more often. A dog will usually sleep around 9 hours during the night and 3 hours during the day, so you and your pet can have a similar sleep cycle during the night. A good night’s and day’s rest is an important part of the daily life of a healthy dog.

Fun Time

Life doesn’t have to be the same every day. Have fun with your pet and go on adventures together or enjoy some R&R at home. Spending life together is part of what makes a dog happy and healthy.

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