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How to Keep a Cat Calm at the Vet


Does your cat get nervous at the vet? Try out these cat-calming tips!

Every animal is unique, but some can be more anxious than others. Cats can become extremely feisty at the vet if they are scared. From a cat’s perspective, it is removed from its territory and daily routine into a strange place with many smells and noises. From there, it enters a room where a stranger examines it. The entire experience can be overwhelming. Thankfully, there are several easy ways to keep a cat calm at the vet, and the process starts well before the actual visit. Here are a few ideas to try out.

Familiarize Your Cat with Its Carrier

The first step is to let your cat become familiar with its cat carrier. Transporting your pet in a cat carrier will help keep your pet safe throughout the trip and visit. If your cat freaks out, it will not run away. 

In the meantime, you can keep your cat calm at the vet by leaving the carrier in a room where it lives daily. If you bring it out only when it is about to go to the vet, the cat could associate it with a negative experience.

Make the Cat Carrier Comfortable

It also helps to make the cat carrier as comfortable as possible. Put one of its favorite blankets or towels on the bottom. You could also use a spray for added familiarity. If you have questions, contact your vet! In addition, your cat might prefer a cozier carrier, so be sure to choose a comfortable carrier size. 

Be Calm & Drive Safe

As its owner, it is essential that you are also calm when you are going to the vet. Your pet will take cues from you about how to assess the situation. Also, it helps to drive smoothly and calmly on the way there; jerky turns and sudden braking can make your cat anxious before arrival.

Bring Treats

Do not overfeed your cat before going to the vet, as anxiety could make your pet vomit. However, treats or a bit of wet food could help distract and calm your cat before and at the vet. It can also help your cat think positively of the experience.

Limit Time in the Waiting Room

If the waiting room is noisy and full of unfamiliar smells and sights that scare your cat, you could wait in your vehicle until your appointment draws near. Keeping in a familiar place as long as possible could keep your cat comfortable. 

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