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Top Reasons to Adopt a Senior Dog

Top Reasons to Adopt a Senior Dog

Adopting a senior dog is highly rewarding. These are the top reasons to choose a senior pet!

When adopting a dog, one has more options than one might realize. A person can bring home a dog of any breed, size, age, and history. Your pet dog can be there to serve different roles, too, such as a service, guard, or companion dog. When making this life-changing decision, a senior dog could be in your purview. Check out these top reasons to adopt a senior dog!

A Laid Back Life

Senior dogs and some adult dogs are more laid back than they were when they were younger. If you do not want to risk your dog pulling you down on the leash or having to keep up with its high energy standards, a senior dog and you may match better in energy and lifestyle.

Still Have Fun

An older dog can still enjoy going on adventures and learning new tricks. Some dogs that might be considered older, such as eight years old perhaps, still have plenty of life in them and look forward to running in the park.

Training Already Done

You can also expect much training to already be complete when you adopt a senior dog. You won’t have to spend hours training your pet to use the restroom at the right place, to heel, to sit, or many other commands. If you are a first-time dog owner, a senior pet could be easier for you to take on.

Implement Adult Dog Care

Pet dogs require different types of care as they grow and age. With a senior dog, you can begin with adult dog care and adjust the diet and exercise according to your vet’s recommendations. Once a dog is fully grown, care remains relatively constant.

Older Dogs Are Lovely

Puppies have their charm, but so do older dogs. A senior pet is just as adorable as a puppy and can be as much of a joy as any other dog. They tend to be appreciative and eager to bond and settle into their new home.

Older Dogs Need Homes

Older dogs need good homes just as much as a dog of any age. Senior dogs are often harder to get adopted, but are just as lovable and in need of a loving home. If you need a reliable vet to go with your new senior pet, Everhart Veterinary Medicine is happy to be your vet in Baltimore, MD.

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