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How to Travel with a Dog in the Car

Dog looking out from the car window

Ready for a road trip with your dog? Check off these tips.

Summer is the most likely time that you’ll be traveling for vacation if you haven’t been already. Cats are creatures that prefer one location and are most comfortable staying at home, but if you have a dog, it’s a different story. How do you travel with a dog in the car? Here are a few helpful tips to check off the next time you take a road trip.

Have a Check Up with the Vet

Before driving for hours on end with your pet, it doesn’t hurt to check your pet’s health beforehand. Your local vet can confirm in detail if your pet is in good health and ready to travel and enjoy the vacation peacefully.

Let Your Dog Get Used to Car Rides

Also, your dog should be accustomed to car rides before you decide to take it on a long trip. Ensure that your pet is comfortable with car rides before traveling for hours on end. It is also a good idea to have a routine set up so you will know exactly how to manage your car trip. You can set up a travel-by-car routine by following the tips below.

Use a Secured Crate

The top recommendation for how to travel with a dog in the car is to secure it in a crate. Secure a crate in your car that is large enough for it to turn, stand, and lay down. It is safest to keep the dog from the ability to roam the car freely; you do not want the dog to invade the driver’s space and cause distracted driving.

Stop Enough for Breaks

Everyone’s health is more important than making it to the destination as soon as possible. As the driver needs to take as many breaks as necessary, so does the dog. Allow for ample opportunities for your pet to relieve itself and exercise. Breaks will also help take away the monotony of a long car drive.

Manage Ventilation

People and pets need ventilation alike. Make sure your pet has enough air circulation and temperature control where it is in the car. Have enough room around the crate that it gets good airflow.

Avoid Traveling No-Nos

Never leave your dog in the car alone, and never let it ride in the back of an open truck. If the dog sticks its head out the window, it risks debris hitting its face. To avoid car sickness, have your dog travel on an empty stomach unless it is mealtime.

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