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The Importance of Regular Dog Grooming

Playful golden retriever puppy

Part of keeping your pup looking and feeling great is regular grooming!

Brushing and bath time might cause your pet dog anxiety, or it might be having a ball. Either way, regular grooming is essential to its health more than you might expect. Skipping on regular brushing and bathing isn’t the same as if you neglected brushing and washing your hair for a few days; let’s learn the importance of regular dog grooming below!

What Is the Importance of Regular Dog Grooming?

Healthy Fur

Regular brushing with an appropriate dog brush removes dead hairs and skin, leaving the fur ventilated and ready to grow a fuller, healthier coat. It helps keep your dog’s fur free of knots as well; this point is of utmost importance, as we will get to later. 

Bathing, of course, helps keep your dog’s fur free of grease, dirt, and damage. It helps keep your dog’s coat shiny and strong!

Healthy Skin

The impact of dog grooming goes deeper–it goes skin deep, which is deeper than you think! Ventilating and maintaining your dog’s coat allows the skin to breathe, too, preventing a myriad of skin problems. When the skin is healthy and clean, it is less likely to develop sores or infections.

Avoid the Worst-Case Scenario

When no one grooms a dog, even a short-haired dog, serious health problems will arise. Grease and bacteria will build up on the skin under the fur, and matted fur will make it impossible to see the damage. Matted dog fur pulls it into many little knots, pulling at the skin painfully all over its body. The skin eventually forms sores and infections. Thankfully, regular dog grooming avoids this painful scenario.

An Opportunity for Bonding with Your Pet

Grooming is a great way to bond with your dog. It feels like a massage to it and lets you care for it. If your dog is nervous, reward it with praise and treats to show that grooming is a positive thing.

When to Call a Professional Dog Groomer

Taking your pet to a professional dog groomer is similar to going to get your hair cut by a barber. A professional dog groomer will have all the tools and training to keep your dog’s coat healthy and make it look great, too. A groomer can also give you loads of advice on how to do it at home. 

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