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Dog Shedding: Expectations and Management

Dog Shedding: Expectations and Management

Keep your dog well-groomed in and out of shedding season with these tips!

When owning a dog, shedding is a natural part of the experience. Just as people shed their hair regularly, dog shedding is routine, either seasonally or year-round. Regardless, regular grooming is key to managing your pet’s fur. Here’s what to expect and how to manage it like a pro.

By the Breed

Your dog’s breed will inform you what to expect for shedding. Some breeds, like Golden Retrievers, Malamutes, Corgis, Labrador Retrievers, and Newfoundlands, tend to shed more. Any dog with a double coat will shed more frequently. Shedding occurs year-round for all dogs, but for some, you can expect to see more fur around the house in the spring and fall.

Short-haired Dogs

Regular grooming is the best solution for managing dog shedding. Your method will depend on what type of coat your dog has. If it is short-haired, one can use a natural bristle brush or a hound mitt, also known as a hound glove. When using a brush, one can work in the opposite direction of hair growth to loosen dead hairs, and then with the hair growth direction to remove them. When using a hound glove, massage your dog in a circular motion, and then stroke to remove excess fur.

Long-haired Dogs

Long-haired dogs require a tool or two that can reach down into their downy undercoats below the coarser top one. Slicker brushes are your answer for everyday brushing, while coat rakes will help during especially heavy shedding seasons. Brush in both directions for the best results.

What to Look Out For

There are cases in which dog shedding is a sign of an underlying illness. It could be due to an allergy, hyperthyroidism, follicular dysplasia, or possibly Cushing’s disease. Should you ever suspect that your pet is losing hair excessively or ill in any way, don’t hesitate to call Everhart Veterinary Medicine.

Keeping a Hair-Free Home

Aside from brushing, you’ll also want to bathe your dog regularly. Pore and follicle-dilating shampoos can help reduce the rate of shedding, as well as your pet’s all-important diet. For professional grooming services, contact Everhart Veterinary Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland!

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