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Are Cats Nocturnal?

Are Cats Nocturnal?

Many assume that cats are nocturnal, but are they? Here’s the real answer.

People say many things about cats. For instance, one may say “cats have nine lives,” “cats hate water,” “cats can see in the dark,” and “cats are indifferent.” While some of these sayings are dependent on the cat in question, others are clearly more myth than fact. The idea that cats are nocturnal is one of them. While you might see your pet more active at night, there’s more to it than that.

Are Cats Nocturnal?

Actually, cats are crepuscular, not nocturnal. Having a crepuscular cycle means that one is most active during the low-light hours of early morning and evening. This pattern is closer to how they would be in the wild, hunting for prey. You might still see your cat dozing in the day and running rampant at night, but there are ways to help regulate this behavior for a better night’s sleep. 

When Your Cat Is Active at Night

It can be a challenge to know how to handle a cat that is highly active at night, especially if that means bouncing off of you or attacking your feet in the early hours of the morning. One can mitigate this issue through several effective means.

First, it is best to ignore the cat. If your cat tries to get your attention while you’re attempting to sleep, it is best to give neither negative nor positive attention. Attention is attention to your cat. Eventually, your pet may understand that its attempts have no effect.

Another safe move is to keep your cat in a closed room with its litter box, food, and water. Your pet can be as alert and awake as it wishes, but stay in a contained spot so it will not interfere with your beauty sleep. It is far safer than removing your cat into the backyard, where it could fall prey to wild creatures or late-night drivers.

One trick you could use is to feed your cat right before bed. Eating a full meal can have a soporific effect, which will make it easier to transition your cat to bedtime. Your cat’s diet significantly affects its health, of course, so a cat owner should estimate healthy food proportions and talk with the vet if he has any questions.

Lastly, engaging with your cat during the day is essential for a happy and fulfilling feline lifestyle. Your cat wishes for your love and attention; it also needs physical and mental stimulation. Thanks to today’s modern lifestyle, it is easier to engage with one’s cat in the early morning and the evening after work. After a good measure of love per day, it will be easier for your cat to rest easy during the night.

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