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How Dogs Are Helpful to Kids

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Learn how dogs are helpful to kids in and out of the school year.

Dogs can be a man’s best friend, but can also be a child’s best friend. Dogs as pets are highly valued in the United States; these companion creatures are practically a part of the family. Your family dog may need to adjust to the new routine as back-to-school time rolls around again. We have tips on that here. In the meantime, here is how dogs are helpful to kids in and out of the school year.


Dogs are excellent companions for kids. They can provide a listening ear and give unconditional love to a child. During the trials of growing up, pets can be a great comfort and companion to children. During the happy times and times of play, dogs are also great fun!

Healthy Development

Pet dogs can also aid in your children’s development. Caring for a pet may help develop a child’s social skills and ability to empathize. Having an affectionate pet also can help build self-esteem and confidence. Overall, caring for a compassionate canine companion develops a child’s ability to love others and be loved extra

Potentially Better Physical Health

The ability for anyone to love someone or something other than themselves and receive love in return happiness increases. When a person is happy, it is life to the bones. Physical health improves. It can also enhance mental and cognitive health, helping kids have a better memory and perform better in school.


Caring for an animal at a young age increases responsibility. Your kids should be ready and want a pet, knowing the responsibilities that go into having a pet. It should be clear who is responsible for what in the household before the pet arrives home. Generally, older children will need to bear these tasks in mind and be mature and eager enough to clean up after, feed, walk the dog, etc.

A Help Around the House

Pet dogs can be more than just companions. Some breeds, such as working dogs, thrive on having jobs to do. It is possible to find creative ways to make your pet a part of the school time routine, helping out by fetching backpacks or greeting your kids when they come off the bus. 

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