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Help Your Pets Cope with Back to School Time

Help Your Pets Cope with Back to School Time

Back to school time is soon! Here’s how you can prepare your pets.

Back to school time is coming soon! Between late August and early September, the school year will start once again, and the family routine will shift from summer to that longer season. This transition can have a negative effect on your pet; dogs could begin to display destructive behavior, and cats could become sick. Either way, separation anxiety is not what you want your pet to experience in any way during this time. Here’s how to help your pets cope with back to school time and how to have a great start too.

Ease into a New Routine

The best way to help your pets cope with back to school season is to do it gradually. Pets prefer a routine, and when that routine or their environment changes, it can be stressful. One can start a routine similar to what the pet will experience come school time about three weeks in advance. Aside from adjusting early, one can also simulate the environment it is used to in summer, as described further below.

Provide Mental Stimulation

If parents are at work and kids are at school, the cat or dog will have to entertain itself. As you could expect for yourself, your pet will likely become bored without anything to do. Your pet might not be able to read a book, but it can play numerous games that provide mental stimulation. Toys that involve treats in moderation are even better.

Provide a Comforting Environment

Some pet owners will help soothe their animals’ lack of society around the house with sounds. One could use a sound machine to play soothing sounds or run a television show for background noise and entertainment. Some pets love to watch certain shows or movies!

Hire a Pet-Sitter If Necessary

If no one is at home for a long time, it might be best to have someone to rely on to check in on your pet once a day. Generally, one should not leave a dog alone for more than 4-6 hours, nor a cat for more than eight hours. Even though cats are generally more independent, they do need care and attention just like dogs.

Prevent Pet Poisoning

Pet poisoning can happen more easily at the beginning of the school year due to pets eating kids’ lunches or art supplies. There are many human foods that are toxic to dogs and cats; families can prepare by having a designated place for lunchboxes and backpacks well out of pets’ reach.

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