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What Is International Cat Day 2022?

What Is International Cat Day 2022?

International Cat Day is a time to celebrate this beloved species!

International Cat Day is August 8th of every year. This year, you can celebrate by learning more about this ancient and beloved species and much more. Below, you can learn more about this holiday and take the time to appreciate your pet cat or cats in general.

More About Cats

Cats descend from an African feline species from ancient times. The famous cat mummies of ancient Egypt make it evident that people had domesticated cats thousands of years ago, and from there we have our various cat breeds. As an animal original to the desert, cats are adept at surviving on little water and scarce food, namely other animals. This carnivore has been the perfect pest control resource for ancient Egyptians, the ancient Greeks and Romans, medieval Europeans, and the passengers of the Mayflower itself. Ancient Egypt worshiped cats, but today, they are primarily our companions.

How to Celebrate International Cat Day

Pamper Your Pet

International Cat Day is a great reason to pamper your cat. Favor it with its favorite treats, toys, and presents it would like! You can also let it engage in its favorite activities and take it to its favorite places. You could also give your cat a new experience, such as catnip or a swimming lesson.

Consider Adopting

If you are ready to own a cat or are interested in owning one, this day is a great opportunity to learn more and pursue cat adoption. Many cats still need a good home, and any day celebrating felines is a great day to visit your local pet store or cat shelter.

Learn Top Cat Care Tips

Different resources for cat care are prolific on International Cat Day. You can find social media campaigns promoting cat health tips and even competitions where you could win cat care books. As a cat lives its life, it passes through phases that require different care needs. One can never stop learning more about how to give your cat its best life.

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